The Pneumatology of Jean Corbon’s Theology of the Eucharist and Divinization. A Theology of Divinization through Gratuitous Self-giving

This work seeks to fill the gap in studies on Jean Corbon and to contribute to contemporary debates on pneumatology with an ecumenical appeal. The specific relevance of this work lies in the well acknowledged need of Catholic theology to balance its predominant Christological conception of the Eucharist with a more fully developed pneumatology. It addresses Corbon’s significant insights based on Scripture and Tradition concerning the theology of the Holy Spirit as well as the essential role of the Spirit in the Eucharist and in the dynamics of divinization. This study could be summarized in three main points. Firstly, it highlights Corbon’s central insight that the main point of reference of the Eucharist is the mystery of the Trinity. Secondly, it offers a clear understanding that Christ’s unique sacrifice extends to all time and all space for all people and all creation in a sacramental way by means of the work of the Holy Spirit in synergy with the energy of the Church. Thirdly, it shows that there is an intrinsic link between the mystery of the Eucharist and divinization because the latter is anticipated and experienced in the first. Incorporated into the body of Christ through Eucharist, we are to live the kenotic life of God which is continuous and gratuitous self-giving.

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